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"Vivamos intentando no caer en la trampa de nuestro propio autoengaño. Buscando nuestra imagen en cada mirada ajena, envolviendo nuestras lágrimas en la arropante seguridad de la noche, cubriendo nuestros rostros con máscaras que rompen espejos con lo absurdo de su apariencia. Protegiéndonos tras frágiles corazas de cristal, duras como el acero a nuestros ojos.

Sonríe, no lo dudes! el mundo es tuyo.

no tienes nada de qué preocuparte

porque, como tú misma dices siempre,

el amor no existe "


"Let us live trying not no fall in our self-delusion trap. Looking for our reflection on everyone else's eyes, eneveloping our tears in the comforting safety of the night, covering our faces with masks that break mirrors with the absurd about their appearance. Protecting ourselves behind fragile glass shields which seem to us hard like steel.

Smile, don't hesitate! the world is yours.

there's nothing for you to worry about

because, as you always say,

love doesn't exist"


I have tried to translate this from Spanish into English, but I think the result is awful xD. Can anyone give me a helping hand?
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I'm tagged by :iconwhoz:

1. Post these rules
2. People tagged must post 8 facts about themselves
3. Tag 8 people and post their icons in the same journal
4. Go to their page and send them a message saying they've been tagged.
5. No tagbacks

1. This day next year I will be touring all Europe thanks to Interrail, which is something I have always wanted to do
2. When I finish highschool, my wish is to study a degree in finearts, something I'm not allowed to do, as my parets think that is has no future...
3. I am able to do a lot of things... but that's not because I am a good learner o anything like that... I'm just a very stubborn person. when something comes up to my mind and I want to do it, I end up doing it.
4. I love penguins
5. I always wear a lot of shell bracelets
6. I am the clumsyest and most forgetful person you can thing of, i swear!
7. although people say that I am a very intelligent person, I always forget everything
8. Nectarines are my obsession!

I will not tag anyone so... whoever wants to do it... feel free ^^


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:iconblackandwhiteclub: :iconmindoflead: :iconportraitpencilart: :iconthelotrclub: :iconthepencilclub: :iconunsungartistsclub:
  • Listening to: the crickets singing outside...
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YAY! Six days until holidays! :D :D :D (yes yes, I know my last entry was a little... out of date...)

OK, heat and good weather are already arriving... the summer and the beach are waiting for mee!!

I think I'm going to spend a really happy summer..... ^-^
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  • Reading: a lot of books from school ¬¬
Well... I know I have said that I would upload some new drawings... but I'm afraid I have been too busy this days to do it ><. I had thought that I wouldn't have any schoolwork to do on holidays but I was terribly wrong... x_x
It would be nonsense to upload a Christmas theme drawing in one or two weeks, so I think I will leave it for the next Christmas.
I wish I finish my homework soon so I can start drawing again as soon as possible :aww:
Nothing more to tell by now, and..

                HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY!!!
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Yes! It's less than a month for Christmas and my profile received almost 1000 pageviews, so... I would like to draw something special for those two important dates! xD So... what do you recommend me? Now that my exams are almost off, I think that I will have much more time free to drawing, experimenting... and all those things :D

And following :iconaleony6ka:'s example, I'm going to make a list with all my favourite deviants and people with lots of talent who deserve you to have a look at their jobs:

:iconaleony6ka: :iconavalik: :iconcippow25: :icondeedeedee123: :iconilxwing: :iconkayteebee: :iconluccide: :iconmarineelphie: :iconminisid: :iconsilentrunner9: :iconspirogs: :iconjim-dacuycoy: :iconwhoz:

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  • Reading: Heavier than Heaven: Kurt Cobain biography
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Well, after a few weeks completely offline, I'm hapy to say that I'm here again! A little late now to submit my 500-visits-drawing (which is actually nearly finished) but here anyway! xD
The problem was that I had loads of schoolwork to do, and some exams also (don't make me remember the Greek one :no:)
So I will try to upload the new drawing before next Tuesday, because that day I'm travelling to Barcelona and won't be back until Saturday night.
Barcelona...... hehehehe :D

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Well, I decided to make a new journal entry just because... My profile has almost received 500 pageviews! Some people who have thousands and thousands of them would think that it is not much, but I think that it is a lot!
I would like to thank all of you for making this possible (omg, I talk as if I had won something xD) but... it's the truth! I met a lot of new people since I joined Deviantart, and I don't know them very much, but there is a lot of time in front of us yet.
So... thank you very much for your watches, and your favourites, and your comments... :aww: . It's very good to be in a place where to receive critics to your work from so much people, and I have to say that thanks to this page, I am paying much more attention to making my art, and getting better each day. That's so nice

I will try to upload a 500-visit-drawing or something :P (I don't have anything started yet)

P.S. I know that my expression in English is not very good... but I try xD

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  • Reading: The fellowship of the ring
  • Watching: Driving lessons
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I've been tagged by

Rules: The first player of this game starts with the topic, "6 weird habits/things/hates about yourself. A person who is tagged MUST write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things/hates about themselves as well as state the rule of the game. In the end choose 7 other people to be tagged and list their name. Leave a comment that says You've been Tagged on their deviantart profile and to read your journal.

So 6 weird habits/things/hates about me are

1.- I HATE butterflies!
2.- I don't like meat
3.- When having a meal, I have to eat everything separately: I don't like to mix my food
4.- I'm very clumsy when carrying things: everything loves falling off from my hands
5.- I'm obssesed with nectarines! I love them!!!
6.- The colour of my eyes is impossible to define: they are blue, green grey... and each person sees them a different colour! Also, I have brown spots on my iris. I'v got such a pair of weird eyes! xDD

I tag:
So... this is my first journal entry.
I decided to make one just because I was really bored and I had nothing to do but staring at my screen waiting for an UFO to land in my garden, or something like that xD. I would start a conversation with the aliens only to have something to do (I'm sure they are interesting people!)
Kid22 ( has asked me to make a pair of drawings, so I think I will upload them when they're finished (that's in one or two weeks, I suppose :aww:)
And I'm looking forward to do one of one of my friends (Ana), but I have to wait until I get a good nice photo of her (she's such a cute girl!)

I am also making a cosplay project with one of my friends, Halane (, to attend next November to a manga convention in Barcelona. My costume is Tenma-chan, from School Rumble (she's so cute! >< ), and hers is Haruhi, from Ouran High School Host Club. If I have time and a camera, I will also submit some photos of the making-off xD

[and, as I use to say: sorry for my bad English!]


Así que… esta es mi primera entrada en el journal.
Decidí hacer una porque estaba muy aburrida, y no tenía nada que hacer a parte de quedarme mirando a la pantalla esperando a que un OVNI aterrizase en mi jardín o algo parecido xD. Me pondría a hablar con los aliens sólo por tener algo que hacer (Estoy segura de que son gente interesante!)
Kid22 ( me ha pedido que hiciese un par de dibujos, así que creo que los subiré cuando estén terminados (eso será en una o dos semanas, supongo :aww:)
Y estoy deseando hacer uno de una de mis amigas (Ana), pero tengo que esperar hasta conseguir una foto bonita de ella (es una niña tan linda…!)

También estoy haciendo un proyecto de cosplay con una de mis amigas, Halane ( para ir al Salón del Manga de Barecelona el próximo noviembre. Mi disfraz de es Tenma-chan de School Rumble (es tan mona! >< ) y el suyo de Haruhi, de Ouran High School Host Club. Si tengo tiempo y una cámara, pondré algunas fotos del making-off xD
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