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  • Listening to: New Slang -The Shins
"Vivamos intentando no caer en la trampa de nuestro propio autoengaño. Buscando nuestra imagen en cada mirada ajena, envolviendo nuestras lágrimas en la arropante seguridad de la noche, cubriendo nuestros rostros con máscaras que rompen espejos con lo absurdo de su apariencia. Protegiéndonos tras frágiles corazas de cristal, duras como el acero a nuestros ojos.

Sonríe, no lo dudes! el mundo es tuyo.

no tienes nada de qué preocuparte

porque, como tú misma dices siempre,

el amor no existe "


"Let us live trying not no fall in our self-delusion trap. Looking for our reflection on everyone else's eyes, eneveloping our tears in the comforting safety of the night, covering our faces with masks that break mirrors with the absurd about their appearance. Protecting ourselves behind fragile glass shields which seem to us hard like steel.

Smile, don't hesitate! the world is yours.

there's nothing for you to worry about

because, as you always say,

love doesn't exist"


I have tried to translate this from Spanish into English, but I think the result is awful xD. Can anyone give me a helping hand?
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January 28, 2009


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